About Us

Dutch Dreamhorses Inc. was initially started by Nicky Oostveen in the beginning of 2008 for the import of European dressage horses, mainly Dutch, to the US for sale. At the time it was run out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but by the summer of 2008 we had moved to a brand new equestrian facility on the central coast of California just off the 101 between Monterey and San Jose.

Nicky is British and as well as having lived in England, France and Germany, she also spent many years in The Netherlands. She started riding as a child, initially cross country in her native England and later show jumping and dressage in Germany and Holland. She often clinics with German GP rider Marcel Wolf when back in Europe, and in the US has ridden with Pam Nelson, Sandy Howard, Juan Matute and Shannon Peters. At our own facility we have hosted clinics with GP rider and trainer Jaime Amian and Dutch Equine Consultant, Pierre Bens. Straightness is very important in our rehab work and Nicky has been to clinics of German straightness expert Klaus Schoeneich and has done the 6m month Mastery Course in straightness Training from Dutch expert Marijke de Jong.

Besides the rehab business, we also own the Vitafloor vibrating floor systems. Because of the successes we have had with our training and rehab equipment we have gradually migrated away from the sales side of the business into rehab, boarding, training and fitness programs. We try to combine many different aspects of horse care, such as Western and Eastern medicine, non-invasive therapies, a horse-friendly feeding schedule, and other products that promote the welfare of the horse, such as the new Sedelogic Saddle Pads we have just started to promote. As well as a nice peaceful environment, our facility boasts state of the art equipment, selected for quality and safety. We have a European style horse exerciser, which we use mainly for walking but can be used for interval training, as well as a fully computerized Vitafloor vibrating floor system built into a large stall which gives the horses freedom to move around, and is very safe. This is especially beneficial for horses on stall rest as they get the benefits circulation stimulation without having to be exercised. We also have a Q-line Solarium which is ideal in the winter months and helps horses with back problems. We are very excited about our newest product, the Sedelogic Saddle Pads which will make a huge difference for horses with back issues due to poor saddle fit. We accept horses here for rehab, layup and fitness/ conditioning. Our facility is small and private, giving the necessary peace and tranquility needed for a speedy and successful recovery. Our Castlebrook barn has large, light and airy stalls, mucking out at least 6 days per week, usually 7, and our programs are run 7 days per week, including Sundays. We feed top quality hay 3 x per day and grain on request. We have a full-sized arena with mirrors and good footing, a large round pen and several turn-outs of different sizes, and hillside pasture. We have a small dedicated and experienced staff, and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. We have a top safety record, and have had very good success rates with a number of injuries and other issues, especially soft tissue problems, bone density issues linked to Silicosis, and we cut down rehab times considerably.