Thank you Dr. Barnard for your excellent review of our services!

Dutch Dreamhorses takes the entire horse into account as it creates an individual horse’s rehabilitation plan. Though the VITAFLOOR is the foundation of the program, it also includes an individualized daily exercise, movement, and nutrition plan. Hooves and shoes were reviewed as well. The Rehabilitation plan is coordinated with the Horse’s veterinarian and with client preference. Frequent reevaluation and modification lead to a steady and visual progress and a happy and healthy horse (and owner!). When my horse was ready to be lunged and ridden under saddle, Nicky helped me learn new techniques to strengthen my horse and to prevent future injuries. They introduced me to the concept of the “crooked horse” and techniques to improve balance in my horse and in my riding. They have a wonderful and kind and hardworking staff and a beautiful and peaceful environment for equine health and rehabilitation. They really care about the horses and owners, and truly have their health and happiness as their focus. DD is a wealth of information on getting and keeping your horse sound !

Rand Barnard, MD – Corralitos

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