Sedelogic® Saddle Pads

Equine back problems are often caused by badly fitting saddles. Because of the continual development and changes in the musculature of the horse’s back during training, even a perfectly fitted saddle does not always stay that way, and you can often notice diminished performance, back pain or even secondary issues such as soundness problems until the saddle has been re-adjusted. The Sedelogic Pad can provide an easy solution for this and can also help in preventing these issues happening in the first place! It has been developed by a team of technicians, veterinarians, hospital scientists and a renowned saddle manufacturer using aerospace technology to come up with a lightweight, moisture-wicking product with the ultimate in shock absorption and even pressure distribution for all disciplines of equestrianism for all levels of rider.


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Because of the three dimensional weaving technique used in the manufacture of this pad, thousands of mini shock absorbers are created, resulting in a big reduction of pressure points. This unique product has been developed with laboratory and field testing, (including jumping tests at the Stoeterij Duyselhof of the VDL Group). With the use of a pressure measurement mat, pressure points could be measured during jumping.

Several pressure measurements were taken from a number of horses over jumps, the first experiment of this kind worldwide. Peak pressures of up to 100 Newtons per square centimeter were measured on landing at specific points under the saddle. To put this into perspective, this is equal to six times the pressure of being stood on by an elephant! Because of the Sedelogic Pad’s high shock absorbing properties, a peak pressure reduction of up to 50% was measured which would obviously lessen the chances of back pains considerably.

Breathing structure:

The Sedelogic Pad is manufactured in two thicknesses (12 & 15 mm) dependent on the requirements. It is constructed from a number of very breathable layers of three dimensionally woven polyester fibers. Because of the improved ventilation, there is also less heat accumulation under the saddle, so less sweating and less incidence of skin lesions or sensitivity.


Sedelogic Equalizer:


The Sedelogic Equalizer is a very innovative new product and uses patented technology. It can be used under the saddle with or without an additional thin pad. It consists of 5 layers of which the middle layer is a thermoplastic material (also used for medical applications). The other 4 layers are built up of the same three dimensionally woven polyester used in their other Sedelogic Saddle Pad models. After heating with a hair dryer the thermoplastic material becomes malleable and soft and should be placed on the horse’s back with the saddle on top. The rider should then sit on the horse for about 20 minutes, allowing the material to form a custom fit for the anatomy of the horse, the saddle and the weight of the rider.

Because of the stiffened thermoplastic middle layer, weight can be more evenly distributed over a larger area, lessening the possibility of pressure points. During the forming phase, you can ensure that the withers remains totally free, preventing the pulling force often seen with other saddle pads which also leads to restriction in the freedom of movement. The Equalizer also has a recess where the stirrup leathers lie for better comfort. This re-forming process can be repeated as often as necessary to ensure a continual perfect custom fit and prevention of pain for your horse.


The Sedelogic pad is lightweight, (weighing between 370-440 grams), and is machine washable at 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tendon Protector

Sedelogic-Tendon-protector21The tendon protector has been developed to solve the dilemma of protecting the tendons. On the one hand you would like to protect the tendons of your horse, however current insight indicates a significantly increased temperature under wraps and tendon boots while riding. This increased temperature can cause cell necrosis which may result in easier damage to the tendons. The Sedelogic tendon protector is constructed of a three dimensionally woven polyester fiber. This fiber structure is open and fully ventilating which keeps the temperature lower. An extra big advantage is the ultra-light weight: 160-210 grams.

The Tendon protector uses patented technology and because of the added thermoplastic layer the tendon protector can be molded to the shape of your horse’s legs by means of a hair dryer. Once soft, you should put the boot on and secure with a wrap and allow 10-20 minutes for the outer shell to harden. The result is a custom fit product. For more information you could watch the video. The combination of the shock absorbing softer layers and the stiffened thermoplastic layer results in maximum protection. The tendon protector can simply be rinsed with a water hose or washed by hand, and is almost immediately dry because the fiber does not absorb water.

Cool Pad

The Sedelogic cool pad is a pad which can be secured easily on the lower leg of the horse. The purpose of the cool pad is the prevention and/or inhibition of irritation and swelling of tendons and fetlock joint. The pad is constructed of a unique three dimensionally woven polyester fiber structure which keeps the natural ventilation intact. An insert can be added by a zip-fastener. This insert consists of a natural cellulose structure.
Working principle

The principle of the Sedelogic cool pad is the collaboration of a number of mechanisms:

The cellulose absorbs more than 20 times its own weight in water and then releases that slowly. This provides cooling over a longer period.

  1. Because of the swelling of the cellulose insert it compresses the area of the tendons and ligaments which both reduces swelling or prevents it from occurring.
  2. By adding cool gel on the cellulose insert the gel is absorbed by the cellulose and is released together with the water. This gives additional cooling.
  3. The pad is constructed from a unique three dimensionally woven polyester fiber structure which keeps the natural ventilation intact.


Apply (optional) cool gel on the cellulose insert. Add the cellulose insert by the zip-fastener in the pad. Secure the pad on the lower leg of the horse with the zip-fastener facing backwards. Apply cold water (hose). Remove the cool pad after maximum 2 hours. The above can be repeated after 12 hours.

coolpad_outside1 Sedelogic-Coolpad12

Curb chain, head and chin protectors

Very large pressures occur from the use of crank nosebands, snaffles, curb and curb chains because of the large leverages and small contact areas on parts of the horse head (see images). Especially when using a curb chain enormous pressure arises because of the very small area of the links of the chain which press against the even smaller area of the jaw branches of the skull. Pressures of more than 150 Newton/cm2 are certainly not exceptional. As a result unprotected use of the curb chain is not allowed in the Netherlands by the KNHS regulations.

Harmonious transitions without resistance

Because many existing protectors do not suffice for many reasons (cannot manage the large pressure, twist around the chain, have a lack of ventilation which causes irritation, movement of gel which causes pressure at a different location) we have developed protectors which do work. The protectors use patented technology and consist of a fully breathable three dimensionally woven polyester fiber combined with a ventilating thermoplastic material. On the one hand the thermoplastic layer provides spreading of the pressure and on the other hand the softer layers provide shock dampening when in use for instance adjusting the gaits. This prevents the horse from resisting and harmonious transitions are the result. The skin and bones of the horse’s skull are now optimally protected. After heating by means of a hair dryer the protector can be shaped to fit the anatomy of your horse and the curb chain or straps.

The head, chin and curb protectors are all made using the three dimensionally woven polyester fiber with thermoplastic molding layer and elastic straps to keep it firmly in place. The chin protector is also available in the basic model which is without the thermoplastic moldable layer and elastic straps and can be placed under any noseband.

Sedelogic-Chin-protector-basic11 Sedelogic-In-situ-situation-protectors1

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