At our quiet, private rehab and layup barn, we offer an ideal setting for horses on rehab to relax and recuperate. The stalls are large, light and airy, with expansive views. We concentrate on soft tissue injuries including suspensory tears, as well as hoof and bone problems including Navicular disease and Silicosis. We incorporate the use of our fully built-in Vitafloor vibration floor system and our Eurociser to stimulate blood circulation to increase the chances of a successful recovery, as well as keeping the horses in good overall condition. We also specialize in longlining (double lunging), which is a very effective way to get horses back into work, without having to have a rider on their backs. We maintain the highest levels of safety for our horses, using only the very safest equipment, and our training and rehab programs run 7 days per week. Feeding is spread out over 3 times during the day, and we can give medicines and supplements if required. We have a small dedicated staff offering very personalized care, and the horses seem to relax and feel at home very quickly here at Dutch Dreamhorses!


General Rehab Program:

Depending on the injury or disease, we develop a program specifically designed to target the problem. Our equipment has been used in Europe and the US for a number of years with great success. It has a proven track record for tendon and ligament injuries, as well as bone related problems, and colic.

Fitness and Injury Prevention Program:

We also have a program for training and fitness which is specifically for horses who have been at rest for a while, or have had a lay-up time, and who need to be made fit again. We also use this program for horses that are already in full training as a form of injury prevention, thus eliminating in many cases the need for medications and injections.

Our Equipment

Vitafloor, Computerized Vibrating Floor Therapy:

As the original inventor of vibration therapy for horses, Vitafloor has a proven track record and has become synonymous with vibration therapy for horses. It was developed and tested for years in Europe, before being brought over to the US. It is a non- invasive form of treatment used to stimulate the blood circulation throughout the whole body, leading to a healthier, suppler horse. Blood circulation is critical to getting the best quality of healing for soft tissues. Often, due to the lack of exercise the horse is permitted due to injury, there is not enough circulation for healthy regeneration, and the healing process takes longer, with more scaring making it easier for re-injury to occur. Unique to the Vitafloor is the lift or tilt mechanism which lifts the sides at intervals, stimulating the muscles to rebalance themselves, creating a 30% increase in the positive effects of our treatment. Vitafloor stimulates circulation all the way to the topline of the horse, not just the lower legs, and we have documented evidence from UC Davis of bone regeneration even in the ribs after being rehabilitated with the Vitafloor. We use various different frequency settings to target different areas such as internal organs, soft tissues, bone problems or colic. This therapy is non- invasive and is especially beneficial also for horses on box rest, as it stimulates the whole body including the internal organs and tissues so they can continue working at optimum levels, enabling regeneration and recovery without causing any impact on the joints or other negative side effects. Due to the stimulation of the internal organs, we have not had any cases of colic with any of our rehab patients, and it also helps with pain management. It is also interesting to note that all of the horses really do enjoy their Vitafloor sessions!


European Horse Exerciser:

Horse exerciserHorses are designed to move and graze most of the day. In our modern horse management, many horses are not exercising enough to keep the body at it’s maximum performance, leading to many medical problems including colic and laminitis. We incorporate as much free movement as possible for our horses in our treatment programs. Once a horse is able to walk, we put him in the free moving exerciser where we can adjust the speed and direction. Due to the fact that the horse is not being pulled along, but moves at his natural pace, he is able to relax and stretch his top line, so increasing the elasticity of his muscles. Due to the top class footing, we can also use our Eurociser for fitness programs, incorporating walk, trot and canter, or we can create an interval training program adapted for your horse’s individual needs.


Mercurr3-200x300This is a European design using short wave infra-red heat, which stimulates the immune system and provides vitamin D which is vital for the absorption of calcium and phosphates. The infra-red also increases metabolic activity in cells, causing the capillaries to dilate. This in turn increases blood flow through the whole body, oxygenating the cells which helps remove the toxins and so helps a quicker recovery.

Water Treatment System:

Fundamental to the overall health of all living organisms is water! We use a unique system which as well as filtering the water (very useful for barns on a well system to filter out toxins), also reorganizes the structure of the water, making it smell and taste like natural spring water. This in turn encourages more intake which is beneficial to the whole body, and will assist in the cleaning and detox process.

Other Services

We work closely with several veterinarians, farriers and therapists. Often during rehab, horses benefit from therapies such as Chiropractic or CranioSacral work, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have Maureen Rogers here at our facility on a regular basis to treat horses requesting her expertise. Often horses become injured due to overload of a particular joint, compensation patterns or being out of balance. CranioSacral Therapy helps break these compensation patterns and enables the horse to come more into a natural balance, causing less overload and thus facilitating a speedier recovery, with less chance of re-injury. Maureen Rogers is a pioneer and leading expert in the field of Equine CranioSacral Therapy work. She is the founder of Equine CranioSacral Workshops – an international education program which offers the most extensive program of study. Her pioneering efforts have opened doors and change lives for horses around the world. Ms. Rogers travels internationally for teaching, lectures and private consultations. She works with horses of all disciplines and her clients include competitive horses, Grand Prix show jumpers, to Olympic athletes through novice. Traveling year round, she brings her cutting edge principles to work with vets, equine physiotherapists, farriers, equine dentists, horse trainers and owners worldwide. She is internationally sought out for her expertise in equine craniosacral work, rehab therapy and especially in treatment of conditions of head shaking, TMJ issues, performance issues and biomechanics of the horse. Maureen works regularly with Dutch Dreamhorses, treating horses in our rehab program. Also, she has produced two DVD’s “Hope for Headshakers – A CranioSacral Approach to Equine Health.” and “Conformation vs Posture Myths unveiled”. For more information please visit her website

We also offer transportation to and from our facility, including for veterinarial clinic visits.