Our mare sustained a serious injury in the form of a core lesion of the medial lobe of the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) and the prognosis for her recovery was guarded, especially as she is a jumper. It was predicted to take at least 12-18 months before she could go back to work. We decided to send her to Dutch Dreamhorses for rehabilitation. After 6 ½ months Dr Galuppo, head of surgery at UC Davis, was very surprised when the CT recheck showed the lesion to have completely healed! She was gradually and carefully reintroduced to exercise, and continues to be very sound. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing care my mare received at Dutch Dreamhorses during her rehab. Nicki is so knowledgeable and deeply cares about the horses, she was absolutely great to deal with. Our mare was happy and relaxed throughout her rehab even though she was stall bound for the early part of it, and so far it looks like she has made a complete recovery from her injury. Dr. Galuppo and my own vet, Dr Jay Reynolds, were both surprised and extremely impressed with how fast our horse’s injury healed, this is certainly due to the focused attention and excellent care she received and also anecdotal evidence of the benefits of the Vitafloor treatments offered at the facility. I can highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses for rehab services. Lynda Twomey
San Francisco, CA.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help with the rehab of my horse! She really blossomed under your care with the Vitafloor and all of your long lining and attention to groundwork, something she was always lacking even before the injury. Your facility and you guys are both so wonderful Ashley Mayo-Keightley
San Mateo, CA
Aragon came up lame in June 2014. After 3 months of routine stall rest and hand-walking and shock-wave therapy at Steinbeck, he was not even a little better. He had persistent daily hives despite allergy tests, tons of dexamethasone injections, hormone and joint injections as well as other assorted medications.

He came to Dutch Dreamhorses in the first week of October and after 4 months with you, he is as good as new–maybe even better. He is no longer lame, he has no hives and he is on no medications at all. He is so comfortable and happy that anybody who ever knew him can instantly see he is thriving.

As I’m sure you recall all too well, Aragon was a total mess when he arrived at Dutch Dreamhorses –lame on his remarkably swollen left hind, hives from head to toe, and being treated with multiple medications. We met with you and formulated a treatment plan for his lameness and decided to “detox” him off the medications. I clearly remember watching Nicky examine Aragon for the first time and how he moves. He had a good amount of hives when he arrived and we explained that his hives could get a lot worse if we went ahead and took him off his medicine. It felt like the right thing to do and when we drove away and left him with you on that first day Lena, Maria and I all felt very comfortable that Aragon was in good hands. Over those next few days, there were texts and phone calls while Aragon “detoxed” and his hives dramatically worsened –we all held our breath while we waited for Aragon’s immune system to reset itself, but we continued to feel that he was being watched/monitored as closely as possible, confirming our impression that he was in the right place. As scary as his hives were, the unusual and extremely hard type of swelling in his left hind fetlock was even more concerning. Dr. Durham flat out said that this type of swelling was so unusual in its nature, that he could not give any kind of prognosis. What we observed and Aragon experienced was reliable, systematic, patient, loving rehabilitation with incredibly close attention to every detail.

To say that there were times when I didn’t think Aragon’s hives or his fetlock swelling would resolve would be an understatement. But, of course, after a month we started to see little positive signs and with continued intensive therapy he did, in fact completely recover.

No hives on no medications!! Swelling completely resolved! Lena is riding him daily and he is stronger and stronger.

I know in my heart that if we would have followed most trainers routine recommendations that Aragon would be retired and perhaps not even rideable.

You guys were amazing for Aragon and for us as a family as well. Again, thank you for all you have done for Aragon and for our family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Dr. Bruce Block, Maria Caradonna and Aragon’s partner, Lena Block
Santa Cruz, CA
On April 6th, 2012 my Arabian mare, Atiya, was diagnosed with Bone Fragility Syndrome or ‘Silicosis’. Atiya’s scintigraphy scan showed a moderate to severe level of BFS and according to UC Davis’s discharge instructions she was to be retired from riding due to the risk of musculoskeletal trauma.

I placed Atiya in the Oostveen’s rehab facility shortly after her diagnosis. She received daily therapy along with regular meals and supplements, fresh filtered water, as well as turn-out and grooming.

On October 15, 2012 Atiya returned to UC Davis for her 6 month follow-up scan.

The UC Davis radiologist and Veterinarians who studied Atiya’s scan and her condition were amazed at the before and after results.

Atiya showed as close to normal in all bones previously affected. The Vitafloor has definitely helped to increase her bone density. Not only did the scan present almost a normal horse, she is extremely fit and everyone agrees she looks better than ever!

I am so thankful for Nicky and Holm Oostveen and the absolute superior care they gave my mare during her treatment. They are truly professional and run a clean, well-organized facility using state of the art equipment.

I am so happy that I can now ride my ‘sweet girl’ again and I am excited to spread the word for Nicky & Holm as I truly believe that every horse deserves a second chance! Renee Murillo
Carmel Valley, CA
I have consistently had good therapeutic results with 5 different roping horses with different injuries. The injuries included mild to moderate navicular disease, moderate torn medial ligaments, and sore and stiff stifle joints.

My experience with the Vitafloor vibrating floor system at Dutch Dreamhorses has been over the last two years and I have had great recovery and post therapy results to have been able to keep my horses competing and sound using this non-invasive therapy, which they also seemed to enjoy. I highly and unequivocally recommend this therapeutic option to all horsemen with the health of their horses as one of their highest priorities Peter Chiang, DDS
Salinas, CA
It’s hard to describe how very pleased I am with the horse I bought from Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc.. He is exactly as he was described, honest, sound and healthy, with talent enough for a professional but with the temperament and rideability suitable for an amateur like myself. Every day I sit on him is a thrill. Jan Dickieson
Encinitas, CA
A HUGE thank you again to Nicky Oostveen for her dedication in our horse, Fresca’s rehab. Fresca was loved and exceptionally well cared during her rehabilitation at Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc.

Fresca arrived to their facility a month and a half into a tendon tear injury. We had been caring for her (complete stall rest, bute, ice, standing wraps) but she wasn’t healing and her pain and swelling were NOT improving. We felt we needed to do something for her to help her progress from injury into the healing phase.

After just a few short weeks at Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc. Fresca’s swelling was gone and her pain had improved significantly. After just 4 months, she was clinically sound during her vet check and the ultra sound showed that the tendon was almost completely healed.

Fresca was put on their Vitafloor 2x a day. Initially she was hand walked 2x a day and then, with the vet’s approval, she was able to spend the rest of her time there on the walker which helped keep her sane during her rehab as well as a little toned. Fresca is home now and we will continue her rehab here. We cannot stress enough how happy we were with her rehabilitation at Dutch Dreamhorses, Inc. They take such good care of the horses that we actually got pretty lazy about checking in on her weekly. She was part of their family.

If you have a horse that needs rehabilitation, we highly recommend them, they are wonderful people and we can vouch that they are completely committed to doing whatever they can to heal their patients.
Thank you Nicky! We really appreciate what you have done for Fresca! Rico and Tammy Pigao Owners
Royal Oaks Arena, Ranch and Stables: Aromas, CA
I would like you to be aware of another great endorsement from my horse. As you know, Smokey has been to your rehabilitation facility for 6 weeks with really no previous ailment or chronic bone diseases. The first day I rode him in an open arena, I noticed a DRAMATIC improvement in his strength, flexibility, speed and smoothness. I have taken him roping and his performance has been no less than outstanding. He is firing on all cylinders and is significantly stronger! We are absolutely satisfied by the results he has shown after his time at your facility. Peter Chiang, DDS
Salinas, CA
Dutch Dreamhorses, a beautiful, well kept, top of the line rehab and training facility, where amazing things happen!
We brought 3 of our horses there. One lame, one with chronic colic issues, and the last, a senior horse with very bad feet. With the help of highly professional, knowledgeable care by the owners and friendly staff, our horses have all made full recoveries. One horse is ready for full ridden work again, the other has had no recurrences of colic, and the senior is able to go barefoot for the first time ever. I am amazed and grateful for such positive results with my horses while in their care. This rehab facility offers sessions on their world renowned Vitafloor which helps in working out the kinks and speeding up recovery for many injuries that may occur with horses. The results we received were so good, I purchased a Vitafloor myself to keep our horses in tip top shape.
I highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses rehab and training facility to anyone with an injured horse that wants great results. Thank you Dutch Dreamhorses for giving all my horses a new lease on happy, healthy lives!
Marin Mapstead
Santa Cruz
I cannot thank Nicky and Dutch Dreamhorses enough for the meticulous and competent care they provided my horse Prince. I just wish I had known about this place earlier as I am convinced his recovery time would have been shortened significantly. I highly recommend them. They took such great care of both his body and his mind. Thank you again Nicky and DD, you guys rock! Elise Cutini
Monte Sereno, CA
My 6yo QH mare came to DD January 1st of this year. From the moment I dropped her off I had a great sense of relief that she was in the best of care. Amazing Grace had suffered a small collateral tear in her left front foot and had been on stall rest for seven months. At DD she was able to get the active recovery that she needed. As a result of their diligent care, she is now ready to get back to work and is looking and feeling better than she ever has. I am forever grateful to Nicky, Robyn and the whole staff for bringing my girl back to her full potential. Thank you all so much, we are on our way but we will miss you!! Kat Ray
Corralitos, CA
Tommy Bahamas our beloved large pony went to Dutch Dreamhorses for about three months after about 3 straight years of reliable and valuable teachings and showing in the hunter world for my daughter Elisa Broz. He had earned a mini vacation and needed a rest and professional care which is exactly what he got at Dutch Dreamhorse. The combination of Vitafloor, daily exercise on the walker, turn out and Nicky's excellent advice guided us to address some chronic issues and he left as we hoped: Happy and ready to go back to training!
Thank you Nicky on behalf of our entire family!

Constance Broz
Freedom, CA
I am so happy to have Nicky and her great staff at Dutch Dreamhorses to go to for rehabilitation support. My young stallion was there for two months after his hock surgery and did really well under their excellent care. They are experienced and very capable of handling all types of horses. My stallion settled right into their program and got through a very crucial time of his recovery thanks to Dutch Dreamhorses. I deeply appreciate the level of attentiveness to each horse as well as the ongoing open communication. Thank you for all that you do! Dr. Sandra Beddor, D.C.
Carmel, CA
I highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses for rehabilitation services. I have a 14 year-old TB mare that sustained a left stifle injury at the end of September. The ultrasound showed a tear in the medial meniscus with thickened joint capsule. She had arthroscopic surgery in November, which identified some ligament fraying and another tear in the lateral meniscus. After two months of rest and daily hand walking, I brought her to DD in February to start her rehab. She tends to get agitated when stall-bound and on rest, but the facility is really well set up for rehab and quiet, and she settled in very quickly. The care is excellent, Nicky and the staff very knowledgeable and attentive, and the rehab program is tailored to each horse. My mare has a number of other issues (old tendon injuries, hock soreness) that needed to be watched/managed concurrently to enable a successful rehab, but DD adjusted the program to her needs as necessary (sometimes on a daily basis).
When we arrived in February, the meniscus lesion had started to fill in on the ultrasound, though she still had a mild hip drop on that leg . After about a month of twice daily Eurowalker/Vitafloor treatments, my mare was sound and looking better than ever as she had gained significant muscling over her topline and hindquarters. She continued to do so over the next few months as she started trot work on the walker and some walk under saddle. At the end of March, her follow-up ultrasound showed improved remodeling of the injury and she got the go-ahead to work back up to a full workload.
I am very grateful to Nicky and staff for the excellent care, attention to detail and open communication. Thank you all for the great work bringing my mare back to work while keeping her (and me!) happy and relaxed. Will miss you all! Marie-Pierre Gentile
Redwood City
Dutch Dreamhorses takes the entire horse into account as it creates an individual horse's rehabilitation plan. Though the VITAFLOOR is the foundation of the program, it also includes an individualized daily exercise, movement, and nutrition plan. Hooves and shoes were reviewed as well. The Rehabilitation plan is coordinated with the Horse's veterinarian and with client preference. Frequent reevaluation and modification lead to a steady and visual progress and a happy and healthy horse (and owner!). When my horse was ready to be lunged and ridden under saddle, Nicky helped me learn new techniques to strengthen my horse and to prevent future injuries. They introduced me to the concept of the "crooked horse" and techniques to improve balance in my horse and in my riding. They have a wonderful and kind and hardworking staff and a beautiful and peaceful environment for equine health and rehabilitation. They really care about the horses and owners, and truly have their health and happiness as their focus. DD is a wealth of information on getting and keeping your horse sound ! Dr. Rand Barnard, MD
Corralitos, CA