New endorsement for our tendon rehab program

We received a very nice new testimonial highlighting the effectiveness and speed of our tendon rehab program. Thank you Lynda Twomey for providing this positive feedback.

“Our mare sustained a serious injury in the form of a core lesion of the medial lobe of the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) and the prognosis for her recovery was guarded, especially as she is a jumper. It was predicted to take at least 12-18 months before she could go back to work. We decided to send her to Dutch Dreamhorses for rehabilitation. After 6 ½ months Dr Galuppo, head of surgery at UC Davis, was very surprised when the CT recheck showed the lesion to have completely healed! She was gradually and carefully reintroduced to exercise, and continues to be very sound. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing care my mare received at Dutch Dreamhorses during her rehab. Nicki is so knowledgeable and deeply cares about the horses, she was absolutely great to deal with. Our mare was happy and relaxed throughout her rehab even though she was stall bound for the early part of it, and so far it looks like she has made a complete recovery from her injury. Dr. Galuppo and my own vet, Dr Jay Reynolds, were both surprised and extremely impressed with how fast our horse’s injury healed, this is certainly due to the focused attention and excellent care she received and also anecdotal evidence of the benefits of the Vitafloor treatments offered at the facility. I can highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses for rehab services.”

Lynda Twomey – San Francisco

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