Thank you Dr. Barnard for your excellent review of our services!

Dutch Dreamhorses takes the entire horse into account as it creates an individual horse’s rehabilitation plan. Though the VITAFLOOR is the foundation of the program, it also includes an individualized daily exercise, movement, and nutrition plan. Hooves and shoes were reviewed as well. The Rehabilitation plan is coordinated with the Horse’s veterinarian and with client preference. Frequent reevaluation and modification lead to a steady and visual progress and a happy and healthy horse (and owner!). When my horse was ready to be lunged and ridden under saddle, Nicky helped me learn new techniques to strengthen my horse and to prevent future injuries. They introduced me to the concept of the “crooked horse” and techniques to improve balance in my horse and in my riding. They have a wonderful and kind and hardworking staff and a beautiful and peaceful environment for equine health and rehabilitation. They really care about the horses and owners, and truly have their health and happiness as their focus. DD is a wealth of information on getting and keeping your horse sound !

Rand Barnard, MD – Corralitos

Peninsula Equine Medical Center Study Confirms Vitafloor Whole Body Vibration Improves Equine Topline

An important study was just released, confirming that Vitafloor Whole Body Vibration improves the muscles in the equine topline. The study was done by Dr. Halsberghe and Dr. Peterson, both of Pensinsula Equine in Menlo Park, CA as well as Dr. Ross of Western University in Pomona, CA.

The results are very exciting as the authors conclude the following:

  1. Significant increase in muscle building was found in the back (m. multifidus) of the participating horses after only 30 and 60 days on the Vitafloor.
  2. A statistically significant improvement in m. multifidus symmetry (becoming more symmetrical) after 60 days on the Vitafloor. (This is important as this is thought of being a key factor in preventing recurrence of back pain in people. Due to the fact that the function and anatomy of m. multifidus in the horse is comparable to that in man, this would probably also help prevent back pain in horses, which is something we have claimed for a while).
  3. Whole Body Vibration may be a valuable alternative to dynamic mobilization exercises.


The photo on the left was taken before the start of the Vitafloor treatment. The photo on the right after 60 days of treatment, twice a day, 5 times per week.

The study is important as it shows that Vitafloor treatment is very good at treating the top line of horses and helps to relieve back issues and is therefore very good for both horses in training as well as horses with injuries. For all of our rehab programs we use our safe and built-in Vitafloor stall unit is an integral part of all our treatments.

QH mare makes full comeback after rehab at Dutch Dreamhorses.

Thank you Kat for your kind words and your confidence in our rehab program.

“My 6yo QH mare came to DD January 1st of this year. From the moment I dropped her off I had a great sense of relief that she was in the best of care. Amazing Grace had suffered a small collateral tear in her left front foot and had been on stall rest for seven months. At DD she was able to get the active recovery that she needed. As a result of their diligent care, she is now ready to get back to work and is looking and feeling better than she ever has. I am forever grateful to Nicky, Robyn and the whole staff for bringing my girl back to her full potential. Thank you all so much, we are on our way but we will miss you!!”

Kat Ray – Corralitos

Another happy customer!

Thank you Marin Mapstead for your kind words about our rehab program!

“Dutch Dreamhorses, a beautiful, well kept, top of the line rehab and training facility, where amazing things happen! We brought 3 of our horses there. One lame, one with chronic colic issues, and the last, a senior horse with very bad feet. With the help of highly professional, knowledgeable care by the owners and friendly staff, our horses have all made full recoveries. One horses is ready for full ridden work again, the other has had no recurrences of colic, and the senior is able to go barefoot for the first time ever. I am amazed and grateful for such positive results with my horses while in their care. This rehab facility offers sessions on their world renowned Vitafloor which helps in working out the kinks and speeding up recovery for many injuries that may occur with horses. The results we received were so good, I purchased a Vitafloor myself to keep our horses in tip top shape. I highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses rehab and training facility to anyone with an injured horse that wants great results. Thank you Dutch Dreamhorses for giving all my horses a new lease on happy, healthy lives!”

Marin Mapstead – Santa Cruz

New endorsement for our tendon rehab program

We received a very nice new testimonial highlighting the effectiveness and speed of our tendon rehab program. Thank you Lynda Twomey for providing this positive feedback.

“Our mare sustained a serious injury in the form of a core lesion of the medial lobe of the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) and the prognosis for her recovery was guarded, especially as she is a jumper. It was predicted to take at least 12-18 months before she could go back to work. We decided to send her to Dutch Dreamhorses for rehabilitation. After 6 ½ months Dr Galuppo, head of surgery at UC Davis, was very surprised when the CT recheck showed the lesion to have completely healed! She was gradually and carefully reintroduced to exercise, and continues to be very sound. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing care my mare received at Dutch Dreamhorses during her rehab. Nicki is so knowledgeable and deeply cares about the horses, she was absolutely great to deal with. Our mare was happy and relaxed throughout her rehab even though she was stall bound for the early part of it, and so far it looks like she has made a complete recovery from her injury. Dr. Galuppo and my own vet, Dr Jay Reynolds, were both surprised and extremely impressed with how fast our horse’s injury healed, this is certainly due to the focused attention and excellent care she received and also anecdotal evidence of the benefits of the Vitafloor treatments offered at the facility. I can highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses for rehab services.”

Lynda Twomey – San Francisco

New testimonial for our rehab program

Thank you Bruce, Maria and Lena for your raving testimonial about the treatment of Aragon at our facility. We hope he continues to do well.

“Aragon came up lame in June 2014. After 3 months of routine stall rest and hand-walking and shock-wave therapy at Steinbeck, he was not even a little better. He had persistent daily hives despite allergy tests, tons of dexamethasone injections, hormone and joint injections as well as other assorted medications.

He came to Dutch Dreamhorses in the first week of October and after 4 months with you, he is as good as new–maybe even better. He is no longer lame, he has no hives and he is on no medications at all. He is so comfortable and happy that anybody who ever knew him can instantly see he is thriving.

As I’m sure you recall all too well, Aragon was a total mess when he arrived at Dutch Dreamhorses –lame on his remarkably swollen left hind, hives from head to toe, and being treated with multiple medications. We met with you and formulated a treatment plan for his lameness and decided to “detox” him off the medications. I clearly remember watching Nicky examine Aragon for the first time and how he moves. He had a good amount of hives when he arrived and we explained that his hives could get a lot worse if we went ahead and took him off his medicine. It felt like the right thing to do and when we drove away and left him with you on that first day Lena, Maria and I all felt very comfortable that Aragon was in good hands. Over those next few days, there were texts and phone calls while Aragon “detoxed” and his hives dramatically worsened –we all held our breath while we waited for Aragon’s immune system to reset itself, but we continued to feel that he was being watched/monitored as closely as possible, confirming our impression that he was in the right place. As scary as his hives were, the unusual and extremely hard type of swelling in his left hind fetlock was even more concerning. Dr. Durham flat out said that this type of swelling was so unusual in its nature, that he could not give any kind of prognosis. What we observed and Aragon experienced was reliable, systematic, patient, loving rehabilitation with incredibly close attention to every detail.

To say that there were times when I didn’t think Aragon’s hives or his fetlock swelling would resolve would be an understatement. But, of course, after a month we started to see little positive signs and with continued intensive therapy he did, in fact completely recover.

No hives on no medications!! Swelling completely resolved! Lena is riding him daily and he is stronger and stronger.

I know in my heart that if we would have followed most trainers routine recommendations that Aragon would be retired and perhaps not even rideable.

You guys were amazing for Aragon and for us as a family as well. Again, thank you for all you have done for Aragon and for our family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

Dr. Bruce Block, Maria Caradonna and Lena Block – Santa Cruz