Another happy customer!

Thank you Marin Mapstead for your kind words about our rehab program!

“Dutch Dreamhorses, a beautiful, well kept, top of the line rehab and training facility, where amazing things happen! We brought 3 of our horses there. One lame, one with chronic colic issues, and the last, a senior horse with very bad feet. With the help of highly professional, knowledgeable care by the owners and friendly staff, our horses have all made full recoveries. One horses is ready for full ridden work again, the other has had no recurrences of colic, and the senior is able to go barefoot for the first time ever. I am amazed and grateful for such positive results with my horses while in their care. This rehab facility offers sessions on their world renowned Vitafloor which helps in working out the kinks and speeding up recovery for many injuries that may occur with horses. The results we received were so good, I purchased a Vitafloor myself to keep our horses in tip top shape. I highly recommend Dutch Dreamhorses rehab and training facility to anyone with an injured horse that wants great results. Thank you Dutch Dreamhorses for giving all my horses a new lease on happy, healthy lives!”

Marin Mapstead – Santa Cruz

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