New endorsement for our Sedelogic Saddle Pads

Thank you Jason Canton for your endorsement of our Sedelogic Saddle Pads. This is what Jason says about them.

“I have been using the Sedelogic Saddle Pads now for over a year, and have found many benefits with this product. The horses warm up easier and are happier and more relaxed over their backs making it easier for them to engage from back to front. Riders feel more hip and back relief, and it helps amateurs to sit the gaits more easily. It gives more protection than sheepskin, as well as being much cooler and fast drying. It is very durable, easy to clean and does not break down or lose its’ protective properties or shape. I would recommend the Sedelogic Pads for any type of horse or rider!”

Jason Canton – GP dressage trainer and USDF Gold Medallist.


Jason riding Grandioso

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