Dutch Dreamhorses: Private Rehab and Layup facility

Dutch Dreamhorses is a small private facility located in Central California, just off the 101 between Monterey and Santa Cruz. We offer rehab, layup and fitness programs for horses. Our equipment is ideal to get your horses back into fitness for the show season. We have a light and airy Castlebrook barn with stalls of 12’ x 12’ and 12’ x 16’. We feed top quality hay 3 x daily and grain on request. Mucking out is at least 6 days per week,  and we offer various different packages for boarders and rehabbers which run 7 days per week. All of our facility and equipment is of the highest standard when it comes to safety. We combine the use of our completely computerized Vitafloor, which is built into a large stall giving the horses the opportunity to move around freely, and our fully computerized European style horse walker, with our patented safety gates to help get the horses fit. Our Q-line solarium is a great way to warm the backs up especially in the winter time, and we are very excited about our newest product, the Sedelogic® Saddle Pads for horses with back issues and saddle fit problems. We have a full-sized outdoor arena with good footing and mirrors, as well as a large round pen, several turn-outs of different sizes and hillside pasture.

Services offered & Equipment used

  • Training, Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
  • Vitafloor® vibrating floor system
  • Belebro horse exerciser
  • Q-Line® horse solarium
  • Sedelogic® Saddle Pads – NEW